The breakout novel in a series by emerging author, Krymzen Hall.

There's something about secrets that we can’t explain—how they, through their own will, take on a life of their own. They dominate their owners through guilt; yet, they also soothe the psyche, providing justification for their covert existence. When caged long enough, however, they become rabid, and mutate into something more sinister than the devil on his worst day.

They linger in their intelligence…until they find a way to shed the darkness…until they become strong enough to stand on their own. Then they are no longer secrets; they are gut-wrenching, flesh-shedding shards of reality having been fueled by fear of exposure.

Arianna Jackson is now living that reality, drowning in pain, and cut to the core.

She's been keeping one of those dangerous secrets since before she met the love of her life, Nate. Even though they've spent 11 years creating an idyllic life full of professional merits, a beautiful home, and happy children, Arianna's secret has sat lurking in the dark, waiting to spawn, waiting to wreak havoc in her utopia. When it surfaces, as they always do, her past and present collide, creating a 2-year long nightmare, literally. Not even Supervisory Special Agent Nate Jackson is prepared for what lies ahead.

Slowly but surely this begins to tear Nate and Arianna apart–as well as the close-knit group of friends that looks up to them.

After two years of relationship hell, Nate can't take it anymore. Little does he know how close to home this intimate nightmare is, or how his poor decisions are going to bring more than one dark secret to the surface of his and Arianna's world. Nate is accustomed to taking down drug lords and setting at-risk kids on the straight and narrow. Never has he had to take down something so close to his front door, or accept the fact that Arianna is human too, and will seek shelter in places she should never tread.

With his career and family at risk, Nate must save his wife, and his soul, through his own personal growth and his skill at doing questionable things that border right and wrong. He begins to realize that, in order to defeat this nightmare, he must become it.

But, he soon learns that some secrets are smarter than Nathaniel Jackson...

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